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According to CNN, Twitter, Facebook, Google News and CBC, it now appears likely that the 162 occupants of Air Asia flight QZ8501 have perished into the Java Sea; I know because I- along with hundreds of millions of others- have checked these news sources periodically over the last couple of days. Our infatuation with such … Continue reading

Hero Work

I encourage you to donate to the Hero Work Program’s crowdfunding campaign. Please bear with me while I explain; if you’re short on time, just skip down to “The Pitch”. About Giving According to Statistics Canada, Canadians donate about $10.6 billion per year to charity. The average annual amount per donor amounts to $446, with British … Continue reading

This Ruddy Desert

In September, I acted on a long-suppressed whim. Over the last few years in Canmore I had noticed in the newspaper the occasional call for auditions by the local theatre company, Pine Tree Players. As an engineer in construction, the most creative part of my daily routine is deciding which pattern of flannel should adorn … Continue reading

Wrapping the World

Welcome, family. I’ve donated $100 to ten different charities. Explore this map of the world. Each of arrows represent the path from you to the charity I’ve supported in your name. Cathy – Canmore, Canada To United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Syria Denise and Johnny – Bedford, Canada To Golden Women’s Resource Centre – Golden, Canada … Continue reading


It is a Friday. I am sitting on a couch, in a house, next to a dog and a TV. I am in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, Earth. And this is home. If a mighty storm were to come through the Bow Valley, I would be protected by a force field composed of my 4×4 truck, … Continue reading


A shockingly quick 12 months ago, I returned from three months in Haiti to a shockingly contrasting country. It’s difficult to reflect upon and draw conclusions from such an experience when I am once again cozily living and working in Canada. Haitians continue to face many of the plights that threaten their basic dignity and … Continue reading

A pi ta, Haiti

A few days in lockdown: standing on the roof of the base watching plumes of smoke from burning tires, hearing accounts of unsettled rock throwing groups in normally sedate Leogane; the tales from Port-au-Prince much more severe. And all of a sudden, today, the markets reopen, traffic is again flowing, and optimism is in the … Continue reading