By lack of originality for the blog title, you may guess that I am pooped. It has been a busy- and spectacular- week. Since arriving on Tuesday night, I have come to know a group of volunteers from around the globe who make it not only bearable but extremely rewarding to share a limited space, clean each others dishes and charge out into the community each morning to try to “do some good” in light of the extremely saddening sights and enlightening sounds around us. These sounds I speak of are children cheering as a we rumble by with a truck full of material, and the bells and horns of bikes and buses honking madly as Haitians persevere in the renaissance of their economy.

Sunday is a day off. We will keep the work boots stashed away in favour of flip flops, do laundry and maybe take the public transit to one of the nearby beaches. I’ll be sure to get some pages flipped on the great book I’m reading, “The World Without Us”- well worth a googling!

Below is a picture from today of myself and my newfound friend, Davidson. Davidson is one of the local volunteers in the community of Macau where I’ve been working this week, chipping away at the construction of a foundation for a new school. Tireless and with a never-parting smile, Davidson has kept us all on our toes as he pushes and pushes through the piles of rubble we’re using to grade the school’s base. Today I showed him how to use a skill saw as we prepared a bunch of struts for our formwork- he really had a good time as did I.

Davidson and I

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  1. It’s wonderful to see your little noggin, Will 😉 Glad you are making good Haitian friends. They have a great mentor. x

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