5:40      wake. curse roots watch alarm clock and quickly rising sun.

6:00     actually get my arse out of the hammock. the early morning sun so in my eyes that getting up is actually a choice of comfort.

6:15      cornflakes, dehydrated milk, PB and jelly. ohhhhh yea

6:30     tool time with tim taylor. what are we supposed to do today? let’s try: some sledges, spades, picks, skilsaws, drills, string lines, screws, nails, gatorade, stakes, rebar, plywood. and a generator

7:06    let’s go

7:45    we’re here

11:30  let’s stop for lunch

12:30 let’s get our arses in gear

3:45   let’s pack up

4:30  we’re home! put the tools away

4:50  dinner time (most likely involving some rice, fish or beef, tomatoes, lettuce and mystery sauce)

5:30  regroup with all ~60 volunteers. what did we do today? learn? what will we do tomorrow

6:00  beer? cold soda?

6:30  i am so sweaty and dirty that i would shower under a ______.

7:00  sanity, please. book, chat, scrabble… anything!

10:00 sleep

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