Five things

I’ve been in Haiti for just over two weeks now. I have a handful of things to share with you.

1. There are three driving lanes on Haiti’s roads. The right lane for those going in one direction, the left lane for those going in the other direction, and the middle lane for those going in both directions.

2. Haitians desperately needs more jobs. Their economy was in large part crushed in the 1990s when Bill Clinton issued a trade embargo on the country to pressure the ousting of the Aristide government. A country which was a net-exporter of rice, and had a reasonably fine network of highways, transformed within the decade to a country which now imports just about everything and has an unemployment rate of over 80%.

3. Today I was in a few air-conditioned buildings and I got goose bumps. The heat really is growing on me.

4. I am still speechless when I see row-upon-row of temporary shelters, crowded with ultra-poor families. I hope to be able to get the balls together to take some pictures (with the families’ permission)  in the case that I remain speechless.

5. I really, really miss Cathy.


  1. 1 did you learn the highway thing the hard way? I could picture it and it made me chuckle.

    2. What are you going to do when you get back and see a nice body of iced over water?? Goosebumps in air conditioning?! I worry this could change you forever!

  2. Kristie,
    1. Fortunately all the driver’s I’ve been with so far have either excellent reflexes or luck.
    2. The AC was just a shock to the system. I’m certain that I’ll re-acclimatize to the northern climes and again be dipping in frigid waters.

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