…of accomplishment. That is what we all felt yesterday after finally completing the foundation for school #5. There were a number of days of delay to obtain the last bit of sand and gravel we needed to finish off the concrete, but, after all, we are on Haitian time.

Below are a couple of pictures. Luc is one of the local community volunteers who worked his butt off every day on the construction of the foundation, and not just for the rice, bean and tomato lunch that All-Hands provided us all. Although Luc isn’t yet married and doesn’t have children, he was there. He is one of the many that make the sense of community and togetherness in Haiti so powerful.

On a side note, I will be far away from computers and the Caribbean Sea this week, instead up in the mountains between Leogane and Jacmel ( I will be working alongside ten other All-Hands volunteers, building an operations base for another aid group that is focussing its efforts on the rural mountainous communities that were equally if not harder hit by the earthquake by the cities, and often the last to be helped as they are so far off the beaten path. I’ve prepared a few blog posts to go up throughout the week- I hope you enjoy, and see you again on Saturday.

Luc and I

Where her kids will learn


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