I came back on Saturday afternoon from a fantastic week high in the Haitian hills- or mountains, to be fair. Why was it so fantastic? Fresh, simply put.

The crisp air, necessitating a blanket to sleep at night.

The genteel rural life, a great contrast to Leogane’s bustling ways.

A group of 10 volunteers living and working closely together, darn right intimate relative to the at-times cumbersome base life of over 80 do-gooders.

So good that I’m going back for more this week.  The volunteer that has been leading the efforts up there is taking a week off so I’m stepping in to hold the torch. I’ll line up some posts for the week which show and discuss a bit of what we are building up there.

Here’s a snippet of the beautiful Haitian countryside that kept us all breathless, followed by a shot of a tired bunch recapping our day over a nice cold Prestige.

One comment

  1. Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving i’m sure there is a lack of turkey where your at, but whatever feast I hope it was shared with newfound friends. We miss you 🙂

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