It has been raining for the last 17 hours, and especially hard for the last five. It is expected to continue for at least another 12. All of us at All-Hands are keeping well- we have ample water and food, and our facility is on higher ground leaving us spared from the flooding that is currently rising in the lowest parts of town (these also happen to be the poorest parts of town).

That being said, the two chiefs of our operation did a little scouting mission around town in a 4×4 a couple of hours ago. Amongst rivers running down main streets and tent cities deserted, they were greeted by some calm citizens, neighbours wading through knee high water drinking coffee, and Chinese motorcycles barging through ponds with some sense of normalcy. Sadly, such disastrous conditions are a regular part of life.

To all my family and friends, there’s no need to worry for me. Please hope for the best for Haitians in the days to come when food supply will be disrupted, potable water will be scarce, and homes will have been destroyed.

Here are a couple pictures of us cooped up on base.

Holding Down the Fort

Hurricane Conditions Briefing

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  1. We saw on tonight’s news that Leogane is the most affected region of Haiti. Some people had water up to their waist. You surely did’nt need all this “shit”. Keep up with the good work but, mostly, keep safe!

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