Relax; Tense

I’m back from a radically restful break in and around Port Salut. I had a great time adventuring down there, taking six modes of transport- moto taxis, tap taps and lots of walking- over the course of seven hours. I was very happy to settle into a comfy bed and take my first hot shower in months. There I stayed for a couple more days with the pages of books flying by, and the traffic in this remote part of the country just trickling by. I had some good roving daytime adventures up and down the coast, bicycling with kids and chatting politics with fishermen. I connected with a crew of four other volunteers from Leogane for the last couple of days and we spent last night camped out on what is surely the best grassy bluff in the Caribbean. A few pics are posted below.

Today on the trip back to Leogane, the gravity of the election really settled in. Passing through larger cities, the air was calm but there were ample impassioned street side discussions where voters- and those who were denied the chance to vote- proclaimed their frustrations and doubts. As the days and weeks ahead unfold, the country is on edge. There will undoubtedly be many frustrated citizens because only one of the 19 prospective candidates will emerge the victor. I just hope that the violence and unrest so systemic to most prior Haitian elections doesn’t show its face.

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