A shockingly quick 12 months ago, I returned from three months in Haiti to a shockingly contrasting country. It’s difficult to reflect upon and draw conclusions from such an experience when I am once again cozily living and working in Canada. Haitians continue to face many of the plights that threaten their basic dignity and rights- such as food security and sanitation- while we ponder issues that seem relatively inconsequential- fighter jets, or carbon footprint. But one thing I did conclude from my time in Haiti is that we are not defined by our creature comforts, our standard of living. Rather, it is how we go about loving those around us, and enduring and overcoming the personal challenges that we face. I’m fortunate to continue to enjoy such riches. I take great pleasure in the great outdoors with my spectacular girlfriend Cathy and our rascal of a dog. I am helping build a bridge with people who are passionate about their work. And I cherish every bit of time I get with family and friends far and near, from Revelstoke to Ottawa and many places in between and beyond. Here’s wishing you a rich 2012.

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