It is a Friday. I am sitting on a couch, in a house, next to a dog and a TV. I am in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, Earth. And this is home.

If a mighty storm were to come through the Bow Valley, I would be protected by a force field composed of my 4×4 truck, house of double paned windows, and Claire Martin proselytizing a soothing forecast on CBC. On big screen. In HD.

Two years ago, I wrote about the Uses of Haiti. Today- right now- parasite-endearing lakes still pop up in communities such as Leogane, made oh so vulnerable to storms by centuries of deforestation, and to disease by the impotence of the international community to unite around the most basic of human rights- health, sanitation, dignity. Maybe it’s not all doom and gloom- after all, Haiti’s GDP growth rate outpaced Canada’s in 2011. With that being said, my living room is not inundated in six feet of shit infested sludge.



  1. so what is the solution then? The international community has spent billions in aid there over the years and nothing changes. Major disasters, of which they have plenty, still bring the country to its knees each and every time. Where has the billions in aid gone? How would you spend it differently?

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I apologize for the 2 month delay in replying to your comment. I left Haiti without any answers to your good hard questions. You are not the only one with these questions:

    It seems that countries capable of inventing iPads and sending robots to Mars can’t (and apparently shouldn’t) play a role in helping guide Haiti out of its jumble of essentially simple issues- solid and comfortable houses, functioning sanitation systems, adequately resourced self-governance.

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