95 Ways to Live to 95

This list was hanging at a fantastic cooperative school in San Antonio, Guatemala. Upon first looking at this list, I might have scored 32/95. I’ll strive to continue upping my score!

  1. Enjoy yourself- you’re unique!
  2. Enjoy others (and their successes).
  3. Stay young at heart; you are not responsible for the whole world.
  4. Stay honest and open – you’ll sleep better every night.
  5. Look for rainbows; stop to enjoy them.
  6. Take the stairs.
  7. Keep your curiosity.
  8. Don’t smoke (from the inside either).
  9. Listen to your body.
  10. Watch what you eat.
  11. Watch what you say.
  12. Make time for your children.
  13. Don’t rest on your past accomplishments.
  14. Drink lots of water.
  15. Have faith in others.
  16. Walk in the park, with eyes of telescopes and microscopes.
  17. Forgive. Period.
  18. Be an optimist.
  19. Ravish your spouse.
  20. Cross-country ski; the journey is the destination.
  21. Discover romance in unexpected places.
  22. Succumb to spring fever.
  23. Exercise regularly, to think better and for its own reward.
  24. Plant a garden.
  25. Eat plenty of fruit.
  26. Adopt a pet, preferably from a shelter.
  27. Laugh often- until you can’t stop.
  28. Be positive.
  29. Give, don’t take.
  30. Marry your sweetheart.
  31. Celebrate your marriage often.
  32. Enjoy being single.
  33. Relax.
  34. Eat your greens.
  35. Do nothing in excess.
  36. Do everything in excess.
  37. Chicken noodle soup.
  38. Practice what you preach.
  39. Look before you leap.
  40. Make time for your friends.
  41. Reduce your cholesterol.
  42. Early to bed, early to rise.
  43. Don’t mope.
  44. Try new things.
  45. Write to a friend.
  46. Commune with nature.
  47. Sing in the car.
  48. Write a poem.
  49. (This one got cut off the picture of the poster. If you have a suggestion for #49, leave a comment!)
  50. Read a book.
  51. Take your medicine.
  52. Challenge yourself.
  53. Ignore your age.
  54. Count your blessings.
  55. Serve those less fortunate.
  56. “Carpe Diem” – seize the day.
  57. Take setbacks in stride. Take a deep breath.
  58. Practice deep breathing.
  59. Cuddle. Hug. Hold hands.
  60. Use olive oil.
  61. Lighten up.
  62. Choose a career you love.
  63. Be active in your community.
  64. Read the paper every day. Remember the cartoons; forget the obituaries.
  65. Sit up straight.
  66. Keep your mind active. Solve problems, do soduku and crosswords.
  67. Travel- even to the other side of your city.
  68. Soak in the tub.
  69. Don’t be jealous.
  70. Eat an apple a day. The best rule of nutrition is to ask, “Would my grandmother serve this?”
  71. Be generous. Give while it is in your power to do so.
  72. Make time for your partner.
  73. Keep in touch with family.
  74. Bake a pie and share it.
  75. Eat plenty of fish.
  76. Get plenty of fresh air.
  77. Be yourself.
  78. Swim.
  79. Learn one new skill every year – something you’ve never tried before.
  80. Control your temper.
  81. Share.
  82. Take nothing for granted.
  83. Don’t procrastinate.
  84. Accept that which you cannot change.
  85. Don’t drink and drive.
  86. Create solutions, not problems.
  87. Be sociable.
  88. Don’t keep score in relationships.
  89. Feed the birds.
  90. Go fishing, preferably with a child.
  91. Hang onto lifelong friends.
  92. Smile.
  93. Smell the flowers.
  94. Give thanks without ceasing.
  95. Keep looking up.

One comment

  1. I didn’t do too badly. I missed about 12, a few of which do not matter to me. Actually, I intend to live to be 104 so that Susan and I can celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

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